Call For Abstracts

Call For Abstracts

The Scientific Committee encourages the submission of original Abstracts for poster and oral presentations. All abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee.

The accepted abstracts will be published in the conference syllabus online, on the conference website and on the conference APP. If an abstract is accepted, the presenting author must be registered for the conference. Authors who submit an abstract but fail to register for the conference run the risk of having their abstracts withdrawn.

Abstracts must be submitted via email to

Please place the word “ABSTRACT” in the subject line. Please note that abstracts should be submitted and request for the topic of its presentation. In addition, please place the topic of the abstract in the subject line as follows: 

Abstract – Obstetrics/MFM

Abstract – Prenatal Diagnosis 

Abstract – Ultrasound 

Abstract – Fetal ECHO 

Abstract – Genetics 

Abstract - First Trimester and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Abstract - Others

This should be specified also in the title of the abstract as follows:

MFM & Obstetrics

Genetics, Prenatal Genetic, Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis

Prenatal Ultrasound

The Fetal HEART


You should receive a confirmation that your abstract was received within one week of submission. Details of the presentation will be sent within two week of submission and/or before May 20, 2020


Submitters whose abstracts have been accepted will have to register no later than May 25, 2020.


Abstract total word count is limited to 400 words. Please place the word count next to the title of the abstract in parentheses (). Repeated count will be made by conference staff and submission of more than 400 words will be returned and not be considered. Abstract title, authors’ names, and affiliation are NOT included in the word count.

Language: English

Each word should begin with a capital letter except transition words.
Please do not use abbreviations or accented letters. (Word Count)

The first lines of the abstract must include:

Abstract title, Abstract authors (First name, Last name, Affiliation State and/or Country). The details of the lead author should be exactly the same as your conference registration and written in bold. Abstract body may include tables but No attachments will be accepted. Abstract format must include: Aim, Methods, Results and Conclusions.

Interesting case reports may be submitted – These case reports may be chosen for ORAL presentation in the Case Presentation Session. The scientific committee may invite the authors of selected abstract to provide oral presentation of their abstract, in addition to the poster submission. Abstract should be written in a word document and submitted in two formats attached to the email submission: WORD DOCUMENT and as a PDF DOCUMENT.

You are welcome to include images and tables.

Please do not include videos or animations in your email.

Please include author’s contact details within the email submission

PLEASE Submit your abstract by following the above instructions 


Please email us with any questions